We are a group of Christians who have recently started a new Anglican church in Colchester.

Our aim is to reach out to the thousands who are not yet part of a church, with the Christian message of hope and salvation offered through Jesus’ death on the cross.  


Everyone is welcome to join us. We are a community striving to have deep friendships with each other, and to encourage one another to become more like Jesus. 


We are all flawed, but we aim to love others and to open up our homes so we can share the best news in the world – that God offers his love and forgiveness to all who know and trust in Jesus. 


We believe that the Bible is the word of God, and we meet to learn more about how God has spoken through scripture. Given COVID-19 restrictions, our Sunday services are online and we meet via Zoom to study God's word during the week. When COVID-19 regulations and conditions permit, we plan to meet in our homes face to face. In time, when our numbers have grown, we aim to rent a space in Colchester.


This new church has been launched under the auspices of Anglican Mission in England or ‘AMiE’. If you’d like to know more about what we believe, you might like to read the 39 Articles or the Jerusalem Declaration via GAFCON. We want to work with other churches and organisations that believe Jesus is the ‘cornerstone’ or foundation of life. Get in touch if you’d like to partner with us!



Our pastor is John Parker

'I was delighted to have been approved by the Anglican Mission in England to lead Cornerstone, a new Anglican Church in Colchester.

'It is a particular joy to be doing so with a wonderful group of people, whom I trust and have deep friendships with, as we seek to start a church with committed relationships at its heart.

'Convinced that many more people need to hear the amazing news of Jesus Christ, I have dedicated my life to understanding it and how it challenges us personally and our modern society.'


John writes.....


'I became a Christian during my first year at university where I studied Evolutionary Biology. I also met my wife Mim there and we have three daughters.

Over the years I have been a teacher, a youth and children's minister as well as leading a church plant and an established church.

Ever since university I have been interested in the challenges to the Christian faith from a biological point of view and so am currently studying part time for a master's degree in 'The Bible and the Contemporary World' through St Andrews University, alongside starting Cornerstone Church Colchester.

'When I am not reading and preparing to bring the message of Jesus Christ to people, I enjoy fishing, gardening, in fact anything outdoors, including swimming, canoeing, surfing, walking and rock climbing. Usually the family, including Pippin the dog, come along!'


John, Mim and their family are supported by a small team who are working together to launch Cornerstone Church Colchester

Our team has experience in safeguarding, pastoral care, youth and children's work, music, finance, marketing, fundraising and business planning. We are all Christians and we are excited about the prospect of sharing the gospel with many more individuals in Colchester!


"The whole world needs Jesus. The people of Colchester need Jesus. God’s method for reaching the world with the good news of Jesus is local churches. ReNew aims, under God, to pioneer, establish and secure healthy local Anglican Churches. So, ReNew Chelmsford are thrilled that God has been raising up a faithful, committed core-team to plant Cornerstone Colchester in partnership with Anglican Mission in England (AMiE). We are committed to partnering with them prayerfully, practically and personally as they seek to share the good news of Jesus with the people of Colchester."

ReNew Chelmsford Steering Committee, April 2020

"It was such a privilege to meet with John and Mim Parker, and their core team to hear their heart for Colchester. They want to be a blessing to the people of this expanding town and they know that starting a new church will achieve so much good in this local area. I love the gospel passion and creativity already evident in this small group of Christians. They feel weak but are trusting in their good and glorious God to do his great gospel work. May the Lord enable them to play their part, alongside other churches, to spread the news that Jesus has died, is risen and, one day, will come again."

Lee McMunn, Mission Director

Anglican Mission in England (AMiE)

"Colchester has quite a Christian heritage with 19 Protestant martyrs burned at the stake from 1553-8. More recently it has been the birthplace of the Baptist preacher Charles Spurgeon. The town currently has a population of 192,000 and grew by 2,500 in the year from mid-2017. However one looks at it, those figures represent a considerable number of people for whom Jesus died but who do not either know him or live transformed lives. It is encouraging to hear news of churches faithfully proclaiming Christ in Colchester but with a population and growth-rate as described there is a growing need for new initiatives to reach people for Christ."

Bishop Andy Lines

Anglican Mission in England (AMiE)

Cornerstone Church Colchester is committed to high standards in the safeguarding and care of children, young people and vulnerable adults. We have adopted the Safeguarding standards developed by ThirtyOne:Eight ‘Staying Safe and Secure’. Please contact our safeguarding officer if you ever have any concerns. Alternatively, please contact the ThirtyOne:Eight helpline directly on 0303 003 1111

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