Cornerstone Kids

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The Wise and Foolish Builders

What is the best way to build?

Which is the best foundation - pasta or play dough? Why not try for yourself and see which tower can be build the highest?

Jesus tells us to build our lives on his words.

Listen here to find out more.....

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We are keen to pass the Christian faith on to the next generation, so that children have the opportunity to build their lives on Jesus, the Cornerstone. 


So, each of our services has a children’s slot to help the children engage with the Bible and worship God for themselves. 

Kid Piling Blocks
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Jesus Calms the Storm

Can you tell the water to be still?

Jesus and his friends are in a boat.  A huge storm tosses the boat around and Jesus' friends thought they were going to drown.  

But Jesus told the storm to stop, and it did.... just like that! Why? Because Jesus MADE the sea and the wind.

Clean hands, clean heart

We can wash our hands to make them clean, but Jesus can make our hearts clean!


YouTube, paper, pens, scissors and glue - what's not to like?!

Making our own set of nativity characters

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Who travelled a long, long way to Bethlehem?

Cornerstone Church Colchester is committed to high standards in the safeguarding and care of children, young people and vulnerable adults. We have adopted the Safeguarding standards developed by ThirtyOne:Eight ‘Staying Safe and Secure’. Please contact our safeguarding officer if you ever have any concerns. Alternatively, please contact the ThirtyOne:Eight helpline directly on 0303 003 1111

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