We are a group of Christians who have recently started a new Anglican church in Colchester. Launching during a global pandemic was certainly not our initial plan!  But, in October 2020, we started online, producing a weekly service on Youtube.  It was an incredible few months, as we developed new skills and worked together as a team. From July 2021, we have been meeting in person and we have more than doubled in number as a community.  We have seen God at work in us all.

Our aim, in starting a new church, is to reach out to the thousands in Colchester who are not yet part of a church. We want to share the Christian message of hope and salvation offered through Jesus’ death on the cross.  


Everyone is welcome to join us. We are committed to developing deep friendships with each other, and to encourage one another to become more like Jesus.  We aim to love others and to open up our homes so we can share the best news in the world – that God offers his love and forgiveness to all who know and trust in Jesus. 


We believe that the Bible is the word of God, and we meet to learn more about how God has spoken through scripture. Due to the easing of Covid restrictions, we are now able to meet in-person.  It's great to be together!  We meet for a light brunch from 9:30am on Sundays, followed by a more structured time for our service from 10-11am.  At present, our venue is usually at John and Mim's home (10 St John's Road, Colchester CO4 0JW) and there is parking on the funeral directors frontage next door, or in local roads.  Once a month (see here for dates) our service is online and we gather in homes, with friends and family, to watch the service together.  We are planning for our church to continue to be established in our homes.  But, in time, we also hope to rent a space in Colchester.