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John Parker

'I was delighted to have been approved by the Anglican Mission in England to lead Cornerstone, a new Anglican Church in Colchester.

'It is a particular joy to be doing so with a wonderful group of people, whom I trust and have deep friendships with, as we seek to start a church with committed relationships at its heart.

'Convinced that many more people need to hear the amazing news of Jesus Christ, I have dedicated my life to understanding it and how it challenges us personally and our modern society.'

My Story

I became a Christian during my first year at university where I studied Evolutionary Biology. I also met my wife Mim there and we have three daughters.   Over the years I have been a teacher, a youth and children's minister as well as leading a church plant and an established church.

Ever since university I have been interested in the challenges to the Christian faith from a biological point of view and so am currently studying part time for a master's degree in 'The Bible and the Contemporary World' through St Andrews University, alongside starting Cornerstone Church Colchester.

When I am not reading and preparing to bring the message of Jesus Christ to people, I enjoy fishing, gardening, in fact anything outdoors, including swimming, canoeing, surfing, walking and rock climbing. I love it when the family, including Pippin the dog, come along too!

In 2019, I left the Church of England.  If you want to find out more about this, do follow these links:

'Vicar resigns'

'I have red lines'

Another Church for Colchester

'Of Frogs and Fish'

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