Prayer Meeting

We meet monthly, on Zoom, to pray for the needs of the world, our church and our own needs.

Three Teacups

Prayer Triplets

We meet regularly, in groups of three, to pray together.  Recently, these meet ups have been in-person, socially distanced!

Holy bible detail

Bible Study

Currently, we all meet, on Zoom,  in an evening once a month for a time of studying the Bible together and responding to God in prayer. We also meet 1-1 to study the Bible too.

Online Workshop

Planning Meetings

Our launch team meet on Zoom twice a month to continue to plan for the establishment and growth of this new church. 

Ring of Light Bulbs


Twice a week, our pastor sends a message and a song, based on the sermon from the previous Sunday. This encourages us and helps us to meditate on God's Word.  

Colorful Food
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We love spending time together and food is a big part of that.  COVID-19 regulations have prevented this for a while, but we are now making plans for the end of lockdown.