We greatly appreciate your prayers as we launch Cornerstone Church Colchester. To those able to make a financial gift to support this work - thank you. There are two options for making a donation, and whichever you choose your support really makes a difference:


If you would like to financially support our pastor John Parker and his family through Stewardship as they prepare to lead Cornerstone Church Colchester, you can do so here.


If you would like to support the launch of Cornerstone Church by donating to allow us to purchase materials for the church plant such as Bibles, training resources and promotional materials so we can spread the word about our work, you can do so by becoming a Patreonsupporter. You can do this via our Patreon page.


If you would like to make contact with our finance team please email

Cornerstone Church Colchester is committed to high standards in the safeguarding and care of children, young people and vulnerable adults. We have adopted the Safeguarding standards developed by ThirtyOne:Eight ‘Staying Safe and Secure’. Please contact our safeguarding officer if you ever have any concerns. Alternatively, please contact the ThirtyOne:Eight helpline directly on 0303 003 1111

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